Dixon Golf

Dixon Golf, a Tempe, Arizona based company, is the world’s only manufacturer of a high-performance, eco-friendly family of golf balls.

Born from a desire to limit its impact on the environment, Dixon also offers a golf ball recycling program through its retail locations that gives golfers credit for returning their old golf balls. Even the packaging is made from 100 percent recycled material. From core to cover, from packaging to production, Dixon Golf is setting a new standard in environmental consciousness.

In 2011 alone, Dixon Golf sponsored 800 charity golf tournaments - more than any other company in the game. Sponsorships efforts include the Dixon Challenge which raises additional funds for the hosting charity.

The Dixon family of golf balls is distributed internationally and conforms to USGA standards. For more information about Dixon Golf, please visit dixongolf.com.

Dixon Golf - The World’s First High-Performance Eco-Friendly Golf Company.